Master the Guitar in 7 Days!


Music is something that most of us cannot live without!

It has become such an integral part of our lives that we have become spoilt for choice when it comes to pleasing our ears. But amongst the endless cornucopia of sounds, melodies and instruments stands the Guitar.

The Guitar is probably the most played and most used instrument of all time. This is mainly due to its affordability and ease of use. Many people adore it and if you’re one of them then might’ve thought of picking a Guitar yourself. If so, you need t check out this simple, but effective 7 day plan!



ZIP Files – You’ll need WINZIP, 7zip, or any equivalent program to unzip the files into your device. If you don’t have any ZIP extractor programs, you can download one at and install it  into your device.


PDF Files – You can view PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this program is not available on your device, you can download the free program at